Flying Warriors

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Reviewer: Jason Blake Date: Sep 3, 2001
Back when this game first came out I heard about it from friends how great it was. I was skeptical to play it because Nintendo gave it a bad review, boy were they wrong. I rented the game and fell in love and later bought it. The game is a side scrolling game which is a cross between double dragon and side scrolling adventures like Battle of Olympus and Y's3. The graphics are good for the time and the sound is awsome, not once will you mute the sound to pop in a CD. The gameplay is responsive and there are many moves to execute. The tourament battle are pretty awsome and the RPG boss battles are very hard. This game is very hard but is so great that you just keep trying harder instead of getting dicouraged. I don't want to give the story away, that you will have to play to find out. If this game were published by Nintendo and had the big advertising dollars behind it, it would rank up there with Zelda and Metroid. One of the most underated games of all time along with Magic of Scherezade and Little Ninja Brothers.