Ganbare Goemon

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Reviewer: TonberryKing Date: Feb 24, 2003
I've been a fan of the Goemon series for awhile now, along with pretty much all Konami games as well. They're good developers. "I never played a Konami game I didn't like," I always used to say.

That testimony falls today.

Graphics: 6
They're feasible...

Although needless to say, Goemon looks absolutely nothing like what he eventually changed into later.

The cities themselves are quite....well, ugly. Mostly a flat backdrop with buildings and fences scattered about, I could hardly tell which buildings I could enter, let alone what WAS a building.

Sound: 3
I give this a 3, mostly out of disappointment. The old, overused NES bleeps and chirps are evident here, and they don't sound anything like I want them to. The Goemon games from the SNES onward had entoxicating music, always injected with an air of Asian touches. This music just can't compare.

Gameplay: 4
Pretty disappointing.... you run around town, hitting enemies, collecting passes, and...for some reason, items appear not when you hit the many pots lining the street, but when you jump OVER them.

I ended up just wandering around for awhile before putting the game away.

Overall: 4
This NES dinosaur just can't compare to the older incarnations.

At least Konami got better.