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Reviewer: blader Date: Aug 8, 2001
this game was good for for the year in witch it was made but i found that
didn't like it as much as i did the onefor the computer this was because that
the computer version you had to build you car and make it in to the one like
in the movie well the nintendo version you all ready had it all you had
to do is buy your traps and the other stuff that you might have needed on you
journy to defeat zule but the only adive i can give is in stead of buying 3
normal traps but the super trap this allows you to caputer as may ghost as you
want with you haveing to buy new traps and wasting your time and end up loseing
the game once you get that save up and get the super beam and then get the
ghost suits hafe way though when your tryin to get your suits you may be able
to ender zule tower you can if want but if you don't then be careful cause
after acouple times the game will end i can't remeber how many ghost have to
come before the game ends so you have to be careful once you get the chance
to enter the building cause you may only have a short time before it ends


Reviewer: Jay Date: Jun 28, 2001
A classic movie, ghøstbusters spawned this very game. It has the same elements as the movie, such as the proton packs, traps, ecto-1, and PKE meter, plus a few additions to the mix (Ghost vaccum which I still don't know how to use). The graphics are pretty good for the time. That's how ya haveta look at these old games. The music is the classic that everybody loves. I hav eyet to see someone who doesn't recognize or like that music the second they hear it. Anyway, the game rules.