Ghosts'n Goblins

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Reviewer: Tommy Arcade Date: Apr 4, 2003
Ghosts N' Goblind was an OK game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The game is where ur a courageous knight and ur Girlfriend is captured while picnicing. Your quest is to retrieve the girl and restore peace to the land. No big complicated storyline!!!

Graphics: 5
Not the best in the world. At least you can make out the creatures, the hero, and all the weapons. The armor statues you obtain along the way i still havent figured out what it does. At least you can see the characters BOTTOM LINE!

Sound: 3
Lets put it this way.... The soundtrack is not gonna be played over TRL anytime soon. Its pretty horrifying and no real toe-tapping music. just gloomy Adventure music. Fits the mood so thats why i gave it an extra point.

Gameplay: 5
Like I said, Straight forward storyline! Get the girl, Save the kingdom. Sounds like Mario Bros without the plumbers. Plus its a good challenge to get through the first level. Tommy Arcade always loves a good and challenging game so i gave it an extra point.

Overall: 4
Not a really bad game to get, at least its better than Elevator Action (bad memories). Every aspect of this game ties together to make one good. If it wasnt for this game, it would have never evolved to todays version of Ghosts and Goblins (Maximo: Ghosts to Glory for PS2). So give it up for this game at least. Nothing is ever perfect on the first attempt.

All in all, this is an OK game. If u wanna play a game thats challenging and you have a few years to kill, play this game and check it out. Anyways, until next time, GAME IT UP!!!

*Tommy Arcade*


Reviewer: Andrew Janosko Date: Oct 2, 2001
I admit, the graphics are a bit dated. And the sound is type you get out of an antique jewlery box. The controls are a bit touchy in some parts, and unresponsive in others. But just because it isn't the easiest game, doens't mean it sucks. It's got a simple plot, a good choice of weapons, and it requires skill to survive. You just don't run around with a million hit points. There are save points along the way, so you don't go all the way back to the beginning after every death. It was one of the original must haves for the original NES, and still kicks ass. So if you're looking for a challenge, not just some ho-hum game yo can sleep your way through, something old school games will give you repsect for, then download this game.


Reviewer: Chris(M) Date: Sep 7, 2001
Dangit, this game is the worst I've seen since Ultima I.

Graphics: Horrible even for the NES.

Sound: There couldn't be anything worse than the sound here.

Gameplay: Man, is this bad.

Long story short: DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS!!!