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Reviewer: schwag Date: Sep 1, 2004
A nation in a far depth of the universe consists of 7 planets orbiting an artificial sun. The inhabitants lived peacefully until animals started attacking people in forests and factories and chaos ensued. The nations requested the space police to get to the bottom of the matter. You, codenamed Gun-Nac, must explore the eight areas, destroy the threat, and discover who is causing it all. The plot is lame, but it allows for all of the cool enemies that you face. Gun-Nac is one of my favorite Nintendo games.

Graphics: 8
The graphics are very good. The enemies you fight are all normal things that you see in life, except they are posessed by this force. You fight acorns and paperclips and they all look very sharp. The animated backgrounds are all very complex and advanced for an 8 bit game.

Sound: 9
The music is a little bit cartoony at times but always enjoyable. Each area has a different music track. They reminded me off the music from the Mega Man games, which had some of the greatest videogame music to date. The sound effects are fun when you blast enemies or shoot your weapon.

Gameplay: 10
The gameplay is impeccable. You are constantly blasting at mechanical rabbits or mermaids, acorns, fish, paper-clips, trees, submarines and other random objects. There are always powerups to collect to improve your weapon, and there is even money to collect so that you can buy further improvements at the beginning of the next level. The gameplay is always fast paced and exciting, never slow.

Overall: 9
This game is a masterpiece. It is way ahead of its time and much smoother than other games of the genre such as Life Force. Replayability is very high. The game is as much fun the thousandth time as it was the first. If it gets too easy or too hard, the difficulty level can always be changed.


In config.sys, put the sound test to track five. Then move up to level and use the d-pad to select which level to start at. This also grants you access to level 0.