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Reviewer: The Universe Date: Sep 11, 2005
Gyruss was my favorite game growing up. you were a little spaceship and you fly around the screen killing stuff that flew at you. There was a bit of a pattern to it, but a challenging game non the less.

Graphics: 8
The graphicd are good but some of the sprites were poorly drawn... like you would have this unitentifyable purple space junk flying aftter you. Kinda odd if you ask me!

Sound: 10
Ahh, yes the sounds... it never got old to me. Most of the sounds everything made were very amusing and the music was one that you would hum all day and never get sick of it!

Gameplay: 10
THIS GAME IS AWESOME!!! Gyruss is a must-play game that takes a little while to get used to but is AWESOME!!!! I suggest anyone who likes fighting in outer space and fighting mini-bosses and other more challenging bosses to play this game! This game rules!

Overall: 10
10!10!10! if it can go higher, I would! This game is just crazy! Besides the ggraphics, this game is flawless!

Play it... you wont be sorry!