Hello Kitty's Flower Shop

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Reviewer: Vega Date: Jan 25, 2002
A curious game... a kitten that has to water the plants of its shop! Really, I was surprised when I downloaded this rom and saw what I saw, but it didn't make me a bad impression. Anyway, this idea was changing on me progressively...

Graphics: 7
Simple, but they're not bad. The graphics are colourful and well designed. What a pity, those backgrounds, that seem tablecloths...

Sound: 8
Very nice! I like quite a lot the melodies of this game. There are several ones and, in general, they sound good. That's the best feature, from my point of view.

Gameplay: 8
At heart this is very easy. Just watering all the plants in each stage before the time (too much!) reaches up, and that's all... Maybe there are levels where is difficult to reach some platforms or things like this, but in general there's no problem. The control of the character is OK and, besides, there are items that, for example, make you invincible or immobilize your enemies, so you can imagine this game will frustrate you in no way ;)
By the way, one thing that I don't understand is that there is the same demo of the game per 4 or 5 stages, more or less... why? An error of programming? A pause for drinking something? A note to remind us how to play? I don't know, but... it's strange.
Moreover, there are also bonus stages, though they are practically the same of the other ""normal"" stages of the game, nothing special.

Overall: 7
In fact, this is the typical NES game for children. However, I was curious to play this game till the end... though it has been hard for me, not for its difficult, of course, but because this game becomes tedious and monotonous more and more! At first it may be interesting but such as I say, it gets boring, at least in my opinion. I was longing for finish the game all the time, and just for seeing at the end a dull final! Fortunately, there are a few stages, don't think the game is too long...

What to say... A good work, but with an uninteresting development. Nevertheless, I like this game, in spite of everything.