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Reviewer: Mark Date: Jul 14, 2003
"1942" was once dubbed as "The Battle of Midway". Interestingly, this game, and its sister game "1943" were not released in Japan-because-of course-it depicts an American flying over Japan, and blowing up all their planes.

Graphics: 8
Graphics, of course, are subpar compared to these games; but for a game released in 1985; they are sharp. Multi colored planes; naval ships...

Sound: 3
The games weak point-you hear a constant "beep beep" (no, not like the Road Runner) throughout the game, and you occasionly hear your planes missles; but that's about the extent of the sound.

Gameplay: 10
The game has many levels; 32 stages; and it's very diffocult to get past the first 3 or 4. Do note that it is possible to earn extra lives and earn ship powerups, improve your chances of winning.

Overall: 8
Overall, this is one of the early classics for the NES--I recommend it.


Reviewer: DON Date: Aug 13, 2001
What else to say...A classic Nes Title...
I broke it out last night and took turns with a friend until we beat it...
Great graphics for an early nes game..great gameplay...and the sound...well
it's probably the worst thing...but it's bad in a funny way.
In fact I'm gonna beat 1943 tonight!


Reviewer: Grant Rodiek Date: Jun 20, 2001
One of the greatest games ever created. This is the mother or all shooting games. You basically fly an airplane and shoot everything that moves, including little planes, battleships, and huge planes. If you liked space invaders and galaga you will love this. Also, a bonus. You get power ups along the way, giving you better weapons, more fun. It does not get any better. Have fun. I'm Out.