Hollywood Squares

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Reviewer: Joe Date: Oct 25, 2003
This game came out during the 1986-1989 run of The Hollywood Squares hosted by John Davidson.

Graphics: 5
These graphics are rather generic. All you see are the headshots of the people, the podiums, the gameboard, and images of cars. Nothing fancy shmancy. Interestingly enough, the host of this game resembles John Davidson's hair and Tom Bergeron's face...

Sound: 4
What you hear mostly are standard atari-esque blooop-dee-dee-bloops and the infamous game-tek sound effects. No exciting noises for secret squares.

Gameplay: 5
It does not follow the Davidson version to a "T". Only three rounds are played. The first two are worth $500; the third worth $1000. Unlike the show's 5-square win rule, in case of a cat, each player gets $100 ($200 in round 3) per square on the board. The bonus round is played like Davidson's squares. You choose a key. The key fits in one of five cars. Pick the right car, and you retire as champion. (The cars range from $10,000 to $50,000)

However, some of the bluffs are rather tastless.

Overall: 3
I really don't get that much satisfaction playing the game. I personally think it was slopped together during someone's lunch break. Most questions relate to 80s pop culture, so some people would have no clue.