Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

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Reviewer: Count Alucard Date: Nov 9, 2002
Ahh yes... Home Alone 2 for the NES is based on the 1992 movie with the same name about a boy who finds his parents in New York City and tries to outwit two crooks he has fought before. It starts off after Kevin has an ""invalid credit card"" and the people working in the hotel try to stop him. Your goal is to find your way in New York, get to your relatives' house under renovation and deal with Harry and Marv in Duncan's Toy Chest. This game, released in 1992/1993, does not match up other games released at this time (Kirby's Adventure, Dragon Warrior IV, the list goes on) because of these three factors.

Graphics: 1
The game itself has blocky, confusing graphics, let me tell you. Though ""Home Alone 2"" has blocky graphics, you cannot tell what your enemies are near or not. The slice of pizza looks like a folded piece of bread, Kevin, the hero looks too strange to be Kevin and the other enemies do not look too familiar. We're talking about TH*Q on the NES here! A whole pizza looks like a cake/pumpkin pie and the guns looks like a weapon reject from Metal Gear.

Sound: 1
*dies from bleeps and bloops*

Ahhhhh! This blooping is driving me nuts! Get your earplugs out for the music because it sounds too off to be game music. ""When the Carol Bells Ring"" must be the music you hear in the Hotel part of the game, as well as the Intro and the credits (if you wait a few seconds on the title screen, it will appear).

As for the sound, it suffers from piracy (I think this game uses sounds from another NES game) and blips. The sound effects gets boring after two minutes of playing (wait, should I say seconds?).

Gameplay: 1
Though this is an action game, this sounds like more of a comedy game. You have five hearts to make it past a part of the level or you lose a life. This game is very hard, let me tell you. Brooms attack you, keys hurt you and old people strangle you. *sigh* This game does not make sense!

Play control is pretty poor in this game. Level 1: You have to press the up button about 45 times in order to get an elevator moving. The catch is: You must avoid suitcases coming from the right. This is pretty annoying to dodge because you are trying to get the elevator to come and you get hit by a suitcase. *sarcasm* That's a good formula to add in a video game *sarcasm*. A good thing that this game would help is that if you get hit once, you cannot get a two-second invincibility (ala Milon's Secret Castle) and the character in the game loses a life.

Overall: 1
TH*Q has a bad habit of releasing bad games on the NES, and Home Alone 2 is a good example of a terrible game. Good luck beating this game because it is HARD. This can get pretty annoying because it is not user friendly to you. Pack up your friend, the Game Genie, because you are going to need it with this impossible as a final level in an old video game. I was expecting a Konami or Capcom makeover... but I guess I was wrong. You can use ""Home Alone 2"" as a good Halloween scare. Expect this game to go pretty easy one minute, tough as steel the other minute. ""Home Alone 2"" has a bad reputation of Kevin trying to avoid people's attacks.

I would get this game for a Halloween scare, but that's about it. If you can find a used game store that has this game, avoid it. This game does not hold up pretty well because this is a crazy game with no fun in it.

This is Count Alucard and have fun with this ""comedy"" game, reporting out.