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Reviewer: none Date: Sep 7, 2002
I've gotten this game, and it's pretty good. Although it may be a bit hard to get places/things/levels, it's an overall good RPG.

STORYLINE- A powerful evil demon has been unleashed because someone stole a magic jewel. Without all three together, the jewels' spell is broken and Boralis (the demon) is going to destroy the Kingdom. To make matters worse, while Boralis and his monsters were being evil, the other two jewels were lost, and the princess has been turn into three fairies somewhere in Fairyland. Now it's up to you (Jim) to find the princess-fairies and the jewels to stop Boralis.

Throughout the game you destroy monsters to gain experience and items to help you. Experience goes to levels and levels go to power. There are five spells: turn (makes enemies go away), fire (travels until it hits a wall or enemy), ice (travels until it hits an enemy), wave (larger, only moves horizontally, and moves until the end of the screen), and flash (hits all enemies on the screen). You don't get any experience from magicked enemies, but it can be helpful in a pinch.

Items will give you bonuses. Some items are the sword (+1 strength), the lamp (lets you see in dark places like tunnels), and the medicine (an extra life). You can also find the jewels and fairies, but each are hard to get.

As for you, Targos, you have to burn one of the trees to get into the castle. Once inside the castle you can break a gravestone to lower the water and make the dragon vulnerable.
What I'm stuck at is how to get the third jewel. I've gotten the one in the graveyard and the one in the empty river, but I can't find the other one.

Graphics: 6
The graphics are good for a NES. Nothing outstanding, but they're as good as Super Mario Bros. 1.

Sound: 6
The music is quite good, but it lacks in sound effects. The music even speeds up when you're in 'high speed' mode.

Gameplay: 8
The screen is a bird's eye view and uses a grid system. This system works well, and wouldn't allow for taking up extra space (being 4x2 instead of 2x2). You can easily manuver around the map. The map wraps, so you can walk around the world, but tunnels need to be used to get around rivers.

Overall: 7
It's a good game, even to the lack of graphics and sound FX. It has great gameplay (two speeds, attack or defend, OK moving, spells, etc.) so it also includes a bit of stratagy. There is both a save and password option (save works until you turn the power off), so at least you don't have to play until midnight.

I like this game and I think it's fun, yet boring. It's a fun quest, but slow when training.


Reviewer: Targos Date: Aug 8, 2001
By far the worst game i have played, and the most annoying... yet.. for some reason i still play it and play it, i dont know why, i can beat the stupid dragon. anyway, this game i think everyone should waste a few mins to see how annoying this game is. if you know how to beat the dragon, tell me. There is a sequel, and it is way better. I cant find it to download. if you can, email em the place to get it