Ice Climber

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Reviewer: Kirby Date: Aug 3, 2002
To start off, Ice Climber isn't the easiest game in the Nintendo world. Nor is it the hardest. I liked the game mostly because of the challenge, and the fact you would play the first level over and over again just to get it perfect. The 2-player system is also a plus. A great game with one or two players, Ice Climber is a long forgotten treasure.

Graphics: 5
The graphics are simple, even Atari-esque, but most Nintendo games looked this way early on. The characters are simply colored, and there are no backgrounds in the game, just a bunch of blocks and clouds to hop on. The pictures on-screen are easy to distinguish, and give the players much-needed concentration. Also, with this limited level of graphics, the gameplay is always smooth and there is no ""image breakup"" found in more complex games, and I liked it for that.

Sound: 4
The sound in this game is limited, and most noises are little electronic beeps. The characters also make the familiar jumping sound everyone is so fond of. Most of the music in the game is composed of a ten-second jingle of the Ice Climbers' song. I like the sounds the Ice Climbers make when they whack their hammers on a baddie.

Gameplay: 7
The best part about the game is the option to play 2-players. Both players can cooperate in the levels by having one smash blocks, while the other kills baddies that wander in. The levels take an extreme amount of time to master, and is well worth it. The easiest thing to do in the game is complete the bonus stages at the end of each area.
But the moving clouds and perfectly timed jumps make it almost as hard as the actual level.

Overall: 6
Ice Climber is a large game with hours of playing involved. Only people with lots of patience will be rewarded with a high score and bragging rights. This is one of the many games that are best played with 2-players, increasing the odds of survival. Lastly, this game has the hardest jumping strategies I've ever seen.

The best advice I can give to beginners is to play on a team, rather than to see who can get to the top first. This game is one that should not be overlooked by retro fanatics.