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Reviewer: Crazy Bum Date: Nov 9, 2001
HAHAHA. I used to play this game with my friend all the time, we never really got anywhere, it was so hard. This is one of the funiest games I've played. You go around in this bout and like every five seconds it's like: ""You've Hit somthing!"" Then you jump in the water and shoot inocent sea creatures with a Harpoon gun! Everyonce in a while A huge shark fin will come at you on the map, it's bigger than your boat. When it gets you, you fight jaws with your gun. It is imposible to kill him as your harpoon takes maybe one sliver of his life after thirty shots. I heard you have to get a sub to win the game, I never found it.

Graphics: 8
I love the graphics not because they are good, but because they make me laugh. When you die your limp body sinks to the bottom, one of the funiest death animations I've seen.

Sound: 10
The Music is some of the best I've ever heard, and by best I mean worst. You know how bad Nintendo music is, but it's sooo good? This is some great bad music.

Gameplay: 8
Somtimes it's frustrating but only if your trying to be serious about playing this game, when this game should only be looked at as just plain funny.

Overall: 9
A really funny and non-sensical game.

This game brings back a lot of memories. Memories of games so bad that they are so funny, like the friday the 13th game.