Kid Icarus

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Reviewer: DragonLord Date: Jul 13, 2002
Next to Metroid, Kid Icarus was probebly my favorite NES game. It has awsome music, a good story line, and multiple endings. Any fan of Metroid should try out this game.

Graphics: 9
Pretty good, for 8 bits. Though they didn't come anywhere close to actual ancient Greece.

Sound: 10
Awsome music, almost as good as(if not better than) Metroid.

Gameplay: 10
Good storyline and multiple endings give this game a perfect 10 in gameplay. Also, one of the enemy charecters is a Metroid.

Overall: 10
With great sound, plot, charecters, and multiple endings, this game most defenetly deserves an overall 10.

This game is awsome, but if your into ancient greek mythology, your not finding anything here. Metroid fans will love it. If you like this game, you should play Metroid, Bionic Commando, and The Legend of Zelda. If your into RPG and the classics, Earthbound Zero has a good plot as well.


Reviewer: Kenneth J. Gibson Date: May 5, 2002
A great game overall, released at the same time Metroid did, early 1987. A pretty hard game though, takes a while to get used to it. Its only a vertical game, the only minus about this game.

Graphics: 9
Graphics are pretty good for the time of its release.

Sound: 10
Sounds EXACTLY like Metroid, which means it is awesome.

Gameplay: 8
It could get boring sometimes, once youve beaten the game, you pretty much know the whole game.

Overall: 9
Overall, a very entertaining game, with a decent plot to it. An excellent job for its time and it still holds up 15 years later.

It was copyrighted 1986, but was released August 4, 1987.