Alfred Chicken

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Reviewer: Tony Date: Jul 16, 2006
Hello gamers. This game is pretty interesting, but as to all games it has some flaws. Just this one has some larger ones then others.

Graphics: 5
This game had not the best graphics. First it was hard to tell if the main character is in fact a chicken. He looks more like... well I don't know just not a chicken. And it took me a while to figure out that the snails were snails. But other then the sprites most other things were done very well for it's time.

Sound: 5
Most of you probably would have said, 1-AH MAKE IT STOP!!, and I agree with you except for the fact that it's quite nice at first, then by the end of the game you either want to bash your head into a wall or destroy the game. But when you fight the robot chicken it's kinda cool. But if you find the radio in the levels that have them then it's pretty amusing.

Gameplay: 8
This game has great gameplay. For an adventure game on the NES it has to compete with Super Mario Bros. and other more popular games. But this is great cause it's not too hard and certainly not easy. It's got great puzzles and weird enemies.

Overall: 6
I gave this a 6 cause even though the gameplay is great it only bumps it like one point in my book. For a decent adventure game try Alfred Chicken.