Kirby's Adventure

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Reviewer: Token Date: May 2, 2006
You are a little pink guy named Kirby. You huff and puff your enemies to win the game.

Graphics: 9
Great graphics. Really fun to be in such a colorful world. Outstanding graphics for a NES game. Sometimes they can get a little bleh. (dull) But only a few times when you will notice it.

Sound: 7
The sounds are just OK. I usually mute my television because of the music. The music matches the game perfectly. It just isn't something I would really listen to.

Gameplay: 10
Awesome gameplay. One of the best platformers for the NES. The bosses and stuff are pretty easy. It really isn't too hard to get to the end. The final boss is fairly difficult.

Overall: 9
Really good game. Once you start you probably won't quit for a few hours. All of these components put together make this game excellent.

This game is definitely one to check out. I would recomend purchasing one when you get the chance.


Reviewer: Ovi Date: Sep 11, 2005
You're a little puffball named Kirby that can run around and inhale enemies, then swallow them to use their special attacks. You fight many mini-bosses, demi-bosses, and face one hell of a final boss.

Graphics: 10
The graphics in this game are superb. Very colourful, bright and clear. There's also a lot of transition between the differently-themed worlds.

Sound: 10
Memorable, moody, good tunes. These are ones you'll never forget, and they match the scenery pretty well.

Gameplay: 10
Fun, fun, fun and more fun. While it does get boring sometimes this is grade-A gaming at its best. Fight through a few levels, learn abilities from enemies, unlock hidden locations, fight bosses, reach new worlds - it's all here. If you haven't played it, please do.

Overall: 10
What more can I say, Kirby's Adventure is a really good game. It belongs in all Nintendo fans' collections.

I'm still upset at how Nintendo ruined Kirby's image with that "Kirby, Kirby, Kirby!" show... It sucks ass.


Reviewer: Tricob Date: Nov 22, 2001
By 1993, it was long overdue for Nintendo to do a different kind of platform game. And - once again - Nintendo delivered the goods.
The game is Kirby's Adventure, and you control a cute little creature named Kirby. He floats around, slides across the ground, suck enemies into his mouth, and - this is new - can either spit out the enemy he's inhaled to kill someone else, or he can swallow the enemy to acquire his special powers.
Another unusual feature is the game's built-in documentation (Crystal Mines is the only other game I can think of with this feature), so if you watch the demo, the game will tell you everything you need to know to play,
without even opening the manual!

Graphics: 7
What's with the dreary graphics? The game would have been so enchanting had more color been put into the game. I would have *loved* to see Kirby in a colorful dream world that's a delight all the way through. Instead, I see dismal images everywhere, and that puts a needlessly downbeat tone to this otherwise enlightening game.

Sound: 9
Pretty good, but not one single sound effect or soundtrack that just totally blew my mind.

Gameplay: 10
The gameplay gives new life to platform games, and the concept is excellent. No complaints there.

Overall: 8
Although the game concept is great, and the game is pretty entertaining, the game is also a little bit too easy. Sure, it makes the game easier to learn, but one could simply have made the game wih a practice level to help the player adjust to the game. And Nintendo didn't do that.
And - again - needlessly downbeat use of color.

Some NES games don't live up to their hype, but this is a definite exception. Nintendo did good here.
Suck in and spit out Bill Gates for me, Kirby. :-)


Reviewer: Zero72 Date: Aug 8, 2001
Now THIS is an NES game!!!

Graphics: The best of the NES I've seen! The cutter and sword animations are particularly notable.

Sound: Definately Kirby!

Gameplay: Exellent! The different abilities are very refreshing. The only flaw is that, when you get hit, you lose your ability, and unless it bounces off a wall, you're not getting it back until you swallow another such enemy.

Overall: YESSS! If you like this game, you'll LOVE Kirby Super Star for the SNES.


Reviewer: Big Nat G Date: Jul 17, 2001
This game can last you for days! It's tied for first on my favorite NES game list! After you finish the eight worlds and something like 80 levels, you can do the game over again, with only three bars of health! Also in this Extra mode, you can't save! This game is great! I think this is what got me into drawing in the first place! There has to be over 25 different abilities that kirby can copy and mix, as well as plenty of bosses and mini-bosses that you can copy! This game is classic, increadible, excellent, great, amazing, exceptional, fantastic, awesome, tubular, groovy, smashing, darn-tootin' good, really good, super, stupendus, spectacular, praise-worthy, sweet, wickid, kickass, freakin good, and a bunc of other stuff.