Legend of Kage, The

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Reviewer: Zero72 Date: Sep 24, 2001
Me again. Here goes...

Graphics: So, they're not the greatest. Perhaps the best-looking things in the whole game are the trees. But, they don't seem to work against the satisfaction of the game. (in other words, it doesn't really matter.)

Sound: Yee-ha. If you're the kind of person who thinks ninja stars should squeak when they connect with human flesh, you're all set. Otherwise...they could stand improvement.

Gameplay: If you're used to the basic, traditional side-scrolling platformer, this will take some getting used to, if you'll pardon my grammar. B button throws the stars, A is your close-range attack (what weapon he's using is still beyond me), and to jump superman-style, hit up on the control pad. When you cling to a tree, you can climb in any direction. All in all, it's a bit loose, but not too bad. If you like it, try Demon Sword as well, as it plays almost exactly the same.

Overall: Not a masterpeice. But not necessarily a failure, as well. As I said, if you like this, or even if you don't, I urge you to try out Demon Sword, which is the same play control, and even the same sounds, but if nothing else, the levels are better and everything looks a lot better. Peace!


Reviewer: Calvin Date: Jun 20, 2001
It's kind of late, so I'll be brief...

In the Legend of Kage, you play the generic ninja character. In the opening sequence, a woman (presumably your girlfriend, or a princess) is carried off by some nasty evil guys. Awful plot, I know, but, hey, it's an action game.

The graphics and sound leave much to be desired. The only good aspect of this game is the gameplay, which, although repetetive, can be amusing. You run around, jumping from tree to tree, while attacking enemy ninja with sword and shurkien.

Even though there are only three short levels, which repeat after you beat them, this game can stil be fun. If you're desperately bored, or you feel like wasting some time, this is a good game to try out.


PS: ""Kage"" (Kah-geh) is Japanese for ""shadow.""