Legendary Wings

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Reviewer: Krono Date: Jul 26, 2001
Good God, Man! What are you talking about? This game is extremely hard, kiddies... that is, if you're used to current console systems. That's one of the things I've found out; what Nintendo lacks in hardware, it makes up in illogical situations, and mind-numbing difficulty. I mean, really, angels, are fighting starfighters and whathaveyou? Plus, you go through something like the Olmec civilization (At least that's what I gathered from all the giant stone heads), and the bonus room is.... an Egyptian temple? Aren't they pagan heathen bastards? And you're angels? And you're collecting worldly possesions (gold, etc.) for what reason? And HOLD UP! The whole game, they talk about the devil being the boss bad guy, and you finally beat the final boss, before the Big boss (I think it was the 7th big spaceship with a brain like material in the middle, right?), and you get a passage through it and you fight...... Satan!?!?!?! Nope, you fight a big spikey-type thing.

Then you play through the game again!

Still, though, it's convention, classic for Nintendo. There's an unspoken deal amongst the game pak and the player: ""Listen, you, I'm gonna toss some shit at you that's not going to make sense, but it's going to be mildly fun, ok?"" To which we, as gamers, always reply: ""Yes, Master.""


Reviewer: Chris Bowen Date: Jul 8, 2001
This game has actually started some fierce debates on some other retro game sites as to how good it actually is. Some people think the game blows chunks, while others think it's actually a very good game that doesn't get it's due. I am one of those that leans towards the ""decent game"" side of the ledger. But by ""decent"", I do not neccesarilly mean ""good"". This is a basic shooting game in which your character - a winged, flying angel type guy - has two attacks - a regular shot for flying enemies, and a bomb to take out land going foes. You start out in a top down mode, which will switch to a side mode in case you get sucked into a cave. That is, IF you get that far, since, unless you're pretty well powered up, you're not going to get far. The graphics in the game are the definition of NES average - not very detailed, but they get the job done. The sound would have rated higher had it not been for some annoying sound effects, since the music that you play to is very good. Like I said before, the game is going to challenge you at times, but if you get powered up, you can get into a little groove where you can blow past anything - just like a lot of shooters from this era.

Overall, there are better shooting games out there, but this one isn't going to be a waste of a download. Solid diversion if you've blown through Gradius and Life Force and are needing something else.