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Reviewer: Gabber Date: Apr 6, 2003
Life Force is part of my best gaming experiences in my childhood, a game that brings lots of memories and amusement. But then you ask, "How can a single shoot'em-up game can be that cool?", and then I tell you:

Graphics: 8
Good for the standards of those times, but there were better graphics already. But Life Force is very well-drawn, most enemies and bosses are cool, and scenarios have a technorganical, rocky, alien looking. From giant cells and brains to ancient pyramids, Life Force has a wide variety in its 6 levels.

Sound: 9
Although some tunes (1 or 2, I guess) are somehow out of the mood, most of them do the job very well, especially at the bosses. The other sounds are fun, and it's even more fun when you got lots of weapons and blast lost of nasties at once, because of the noises of the explosions, that make you smile and think "Ha! One more sent to hell!".

Gameplay: 9
Superb. The ship is very maneuverable and controls are very smooth and precise, but things start to go bad when you get 3 Speed power-ups or more, because you become so fast, that it's easy to loose control of the ship. Here's my advice: take only 2 Speeds, and you'll have enough quickness to dodge practically everything in this game!

Overall: 10
What else can I say? A creative,well-done game, and better, it's a Konami game! Replay value? Very high, if you are fan of shoot'em-up games( I play it almost every day :) ) and, well, if you want to relax blasting things, it's the perfect game for you!
Oh, by the way, the story involves a pilot that needs to escape from a living planet. That's all the plot. Most of shoot'em-up plots can be written in a single line, and I wonder if this is a good thing or not...

Well, play it! Hey, I think Life Force is even better than Gradius! (Yeah, I also like Gradius, but Life Force rules the game!!)


Reviewer: Dan Date: Oct 12, 2001
Ah the side scrolling shooter... still one of the most enjoyable genre of game out there. And they don't come much better than Life Force. You can see the family resemblance to it's cousin, Gradius, but that's by no means a bad thing. I really consider this an improvment over Gradius in a number of ways.

The graphics. They are really good, and do give you the feel that you're flying around in the insides of some monster. The enemies are nice and varied and all look distinct and good. The bosses are a big plus too. No more fighting the same ship over and over. No sir, now you have to deal with floating brains, moa heads, pharoh heads, and all sorts of other monstrosities.

The sounds. I love this game's music. I still listen to it on my computer while i'm working. It was one of those themes like Zelda or Lolo that got you all pumped up to take on the aliens. The effects were of similar quality, from the zip of the lasers to the sound that your little ship made when it blew up, they all fit and sounded good without getting annoying.

The gameplay. Again, very similar to Gradius, you fly sideways or vertically and blow stuff up. Lots of stuff. Lots of weird stuff. The powerup system is perfect. You collect tokens that gradually improve the powerup you'll get when you press A. Do you take the speed up or weak missles now... or save it up for that option or shield? This really adds to the depth and stragedy. It is also a touch easier than Gradius, which makes it more playable. It is by no means an easy game. It's hella hard, but beatable with practice.

You just don't get a much beetter shmup for the nes. And if you want full powerups, jusr pause the screen and say everyone's favorite super code with me- up,up,down,down,left,right,left,right,B,A,B,A,start. Happy hunting.


Reviewer: Spekkio Date: Jul 21, 2001
The one thing i remember about this game from my childhood was the fact that you had to kill some of the most ridiculous enemies imaginable in your quest against evil. Among these evil beasts are a giant brain with hands, a huge disembodied head, red blood cells, moa heads (a konami favorite for some entirely bizarre reason), and of all things, a giant pharoah head. I guess for some reason, even ancient egypt is out to get you. Cool weapon upgrades, and a worthy precursor to the awesome gradius 3 for SNES.