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Reviewer: Nny Date: Dec 18, 2003
This is personally one of the best Nintendo games I have played. It's a very tough game to beat, and I've had to go back and start from scratch. It has realtime save features, which are impressive, and has a soundtrack UNMATCHED by any NES game.

You play Paul, a magician. Your quest: Destroy a pissed off warlock.

Throughout the game, you will learn spells. A LOT of spells. Paul's pretty tough himself.

Graphics: 9
The graphics are greatly detailed, and from desert to cave, the colors vary frequently and are used very nicely.

Sound: 10
Ths is the one of two parts that absolutely shines. The music in this game is absolutely incredible for an 8 bit system, and otherwise. Each level has a song, and each one suits it's level completely. The music in the desert,and in the villiage you start in are very sad, and very sweeping. The soundrtack is almost incomparable. Absoultely awesome, a full 10.

Gameplay: 9
This is the other area the game shines. This is a real-time game, and though Paul is a magician, he still has to sustain himself.All throughout the game, Paul's food and water levels diminish. The more they diminish, the more your health goes down. Saves are all done in realtime, you save where you stand, and restore there. This also means, that if you screw up somewhere, and save afterward, you have to start over.

Finding and casting magick is also very fun, and exciting. There are so many different spells, I doubt you'll even find them all on the first few times you play it.

Overall: 10
Since 10 means flawless, and everything has flaws by opinion, I'll give this a 9 and 3/4 (closest to ten). It's very complex, the puzzles are great, the music is great, gampelay and interraction are great, this game's just great. Give it a try, see for yourself.

Make sure you stock up on food and water frequently. In the first town, the one you start in, there's a shop that sells sunglasses. Buy them, because you'll need to wear them when you start the next level, in the desert.