Mario is Missing!

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Reviewer: spdnlb9088 Date: Jul 31, 2003
My brother and me both started games on this and my brother has already beaten this. Between actually having to learn stuff about other countries and cities and having to have yoshi and luigi, this game is pretty darn good as well as the graphics being clean.

Graphics: 10
The only games I have seen graphics this clean on the original NES are the mega man games. Luigi and Yoshi actually look like they do on the super nintendo which is very cool and a nice treat. Even the Koopa Troopas are a lot better.

Sound: 8
The classic sounds are there which is quite nice, but I think they could have changed a few things. Another thing they executed pretty well was the music. Each country has its own unique music to help you find out where you need to go.

Gameplay: 9
The only thing I wish you could do was make it more interesting at the end of the story. I was hoping you'd have to fight bowser instead it was just a koopa. The gameplay was clean and it would have been nice to be able use yoshi's tounge. On the other hand there are over 1 trillion ways to beat the game.

Overall: 9
You need to play this game. You won't be dissappointed. Everything helps to keep this game one of the best.