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Reviewer: Nec5 Date: Dec 15, 2002
It's the American Gladiators! Well, I was sort of a fan when it first came out so I got the game. Its good for a few laughs, but let me warn you: DO NOT TAKE THIS GAME SERIOUSLY. There are too many shortcomings for this game to get a high score.

Graphics: 5
Graphically, the game doesn't showcase the power of the NES. There are times when the screen gets a little blury and the colors are flat and dull. Its usually red team versus blue team. That's about it. The explosions in the mode where you fire a ""bazooka"" aren't great either.

Sound: 7
Well, the reason for the high score is the sound effects. There is hardly any real music in the game.

Maybe I'm a little sadistic but the best part of the game is the sound of the gladiators screaming. In Joust or Canonball, knocking off a gladiator is hilarious. Try the game out just for this sound alone. They even have variations of the screaming. Don't worry about my scoring, I realize my sound score is way too high for one good sound effect. Just make sure you hear it.

Gameplay: 4
The good news is there is a lot to do here. You can joust and try to beat your opponent off of a platform. You can try to dangle from a rope to knock a shielded gladiator off a platform. Theres also a mode where you climb a wall and avoid gladiators. Fourth, you can play a game where you run and shoot at a moving ""tank"". Finally, there's a powerball game where you steal balls and put them in baskets.

The bad news is that these games are neat the first time through. After level one, boredom sets in. The wall is particularly pathetic. You have to alternate the A and B buttons to get your contestant up the wall. If you place one of his/her hands on an empty space, you fall and must start over again. Very annoying! As mentioned in the sound paragraphs, the joust and cannonball events are fun because of the screaming. Just try that out initially. Its worth a few good laughs.

Overall: 3
Looking back, I played American Gladiators alot. If memory serves, I even beat it. Then I never played it again. There just isn't a lot to come back for. THe variety helps, but the poor graphics and repetive play sinks this game. Pick this up if you're a fan or are curious.

You know what I'll mention here. Listen to the screaming. Its the game's high point. Play joust and cannonball.

I only wish this game had more to it. Better luck next time.