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Mega Man 4

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Reviewer: Seth Koopa Date: Aug 9, 2005
Upon first playing – upon first glance of the cartridge, in fact (which was a foreign version, with an impressive picture of all the robot bosses facing Mega man from all sides) – I instantly fell in love with this game, the Mega man nut I already was. I just loved the whole attitude of the game – it felt (and still feels) so uncompromisingly different from the previous Mega man games. In that lies Mega man IV's great strength, allowing it to follow up to Mega man III, and it does it with head tall.

Graphics: 9
All previous three Mega man games look and feel different. And this is no exception. Upon first glance of the boss select screen, you get the new ‘freedom’ of the game. Yes, there is no better way to describe it than that, and the graphics get that across quite well. Okay, enough riddles; the boss characters are mostly as well rendered as ever – with the possible exception of Bright man, in my opinion (I don’t recall him having a projectile nose). The levels are all very well rendered, but you need to play the game to really see the graphics at work.

Sound: 9
In my review for Mega man III, I said that I felt that game held the best soundtrack of the first three Mega man games. And I haven’t changed my mind. To be truly honest, I can’t decide where I really stand with MMIV’s soundtrack. One moment, I love it (such as in Dr Wily’s fortress, especially the latter tune) – another (Dr Cossack’s levels), I feel it’s drab. There is a factor that my feelings may rely largely on –

The foreign cart of this game, which I got used to, had its score running one key down and at a slower tempo. I remember that I loved the music (though not as much as MMIII’s). So when I got the European version, I couldn’t make peace with the music now running a key higher and the tempo faster. Listen to a song in your head and change the key and you will find what I'm talking about.

Nevertheless, the game’s music is mostly really catchy and captivating – Drill man, Dust man and Bright man are all excellent examples. No matter how unnecessarily fast I feel the music still runs, it’s great and sometimes touching, earning the score its high rating. While Mega man III was packed with tunes I love, this soundtrack, while not as mind-blowing, is a definite thumbs up.

Gameplay: 9
True, the slow pace of the game does take a while to get used to, but that’s unique for this game. And the game has lots of meat to it. For the inexperienced, MMIV presents a great challenge. For the more seasoned, know what to do and you’ll make it through okay.

The boss characters bear the feel of the game upon their shoulders. And they are strong here and don't let the feel down. The boss characters are really imaginative and some are quite captivating – Drill man, Dust man and Dive man are all examples that I can make.

To help you on your way, you are given the new feature of the Mega buster, a super gun that you can charge to blow devastating shots. If that feature weren’t in place, this game would be almost unbeatably hard. The option to visit levels is revived from the first Mega man game, giving you better chances to replenish on your stores should you have depleted them (which is unlikely), and to collect two additional parts; Balloon and Wire, which are very useful to reaching those high places that Rush can’t reach.

Overall, this game should appeal to most Mega man fans with its boss characters, its music, its levels and challenges and, above all, its feel.

Overall: 9
Uncompromisingly different from the previous Mega man games - it just 'feels' so unique. Not as impacting as Mega man III, but a very good game all the same.

The ever-mysterious Protoman even makes a small appearance here. His role in MMV is much bigger, however.


Reviewer: Vega21 Date: Jan 2, 2002
More about the same… but worse! This is the worst Megaman game of the entire series.

Graphics: 5
The graphics are like the first game, or even worse.

Sound: 6
The music, not bad, but nothing special…

Gameplay: 6
And not very playable, though I think this isn’t as difficult as the other ones.

Overall: 6
I’d incorporated another feature: ORIGINALITY = 0. Sometimes I smile when I read an “ironic” sentence in the introduction: “The story repeats itself”… yes, certainly! Even the music of the presentation of each boss is the same to Megaman 1 or 2. Moreover, for instance, Dive Man stage is very similar to Bubble Man’s one in 2#, and… in short, several things like these… This game might be perfectly a hack one done by anyone. Anyway, in this case, is included the “Mega Buster” :) or, the same said in different words, an option to shot more powerful gunshots, although, in my opinion, it is not very useful in this game.
Nevertheless, there are some fun details in various stages, for instance in Bright Man (with the best graphics, I think), where you have to mount grasshoppers; or in Pharaoh Man, you begin in a desert and afterwards you go on into a pyramid…
I remember that, some years ago, I read in a review about videogames an advertisement of a contest where Capcom was looking for new designs and names for the bosses of this game, and anyone could send (to Japan!) his/her drawing and name of the robot. I took part, but… nothing! :P However, I am not sure if that was a contest for Megaman 4 or 5…
Well, with regard to the game overall… a shame because it could have been much better.

Maybe the people of Capcom knew it’d be difficult to do this game better than the previous one and, because of that, they were frightened ;)


Reviewer: Tricob Date: Jul 4, 2001
After playing this, it seemed like this was more of a sequel to #1 than of #3. The graphics are a real embarassment next to #2 and #3, the ""Mega Man"" character is (unnecessarily) changed (and shrunk), and many parts are simply too slow-paced for many fans (example: In the ""Ring Man"" world, it has a hippo on a one-leg table shooting poisonous rolls of lipstick at you). The game engine actually seems to be slower than ever, or maybe it's just me.

Many parts are *very* good, though - such as ""Toad Man"", where you start out in the rain (which pushes you slightly to the left when you jump), and these little guys are using umbrellas to float down to the ground and then shoot their umbrellas at you after landing. The ""Pharaoh Man"" world is also pretty good, with these mummies showing up using rotating walls, and using their heads as weapons. This is probably the funniest Mega Man you'll ever play!

The game is at its worst with the super-duper-cheesy boss in the first Dr. C world, and a *very* annoying final showdown with Dr. W.

Anyway, this game is good, just not great.