Metal Storm

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Reviewer: The Kamikaze Chicken Date: Sep 2, 2001
Indeed the N.E.S. brought with its huge success a new art form: the game that was incredibly simple yet kept you coming back for more for virtually ages to come. Metal Storm is nothing short of a beautiful example of this ""art form"".

This title brings with it wonderfully simple yet not-too-boring controls combined with one original element integral to game play: the gravity jump. Executed by hitting either up or down + A; this element made the game fun and was the major factor that set it apart from others of its time.

The graphics, while VERY nice, are sadly not the greatest the N.E.S. can provide. Animation, however, is fluid and fun to look at.

The sounds, while consisting largely of the average-to-the-day material, did manage to throw in a few neat mechanical whirrs, explosions, and others that enhanced the feel of what you were looking at.

Overall, I think this game is great. I started playing it back in '93 or so and still find myself coming back for more every now and then. If thats not replay value, I don't know what is. If you at all value the style of game that helped make the N.E.S. huge, I HIGHLY recommend you at least give Metal Storm a try.