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Reviewer: Cosmos Date: Apr 11, 2002
This is by far a very underpreciated game of the early to mid eighties....Chess like strategy with added reflex, one on one, combat. This 'bring-over' from the com64 computer days had the addictive nature of crack on caffiene with one had to play with someone else...otherwise this game had a playability of about ten minutes

Graphics: 3
Needless to say that when this game was played on the tiny computers of eras past the graphics looked the same... no improvment, ... mearly a collection of icons representing your peices...that didn't enhance in the arena combat

Sound: 4
Sound?.... I recomend personal library tunes for this game...

Gameplay: 8
Here's where the game has its strength...well rounded peices with weaknesses and strengths simular to having an army of you fav RPG monsters. with suficient intelligence on the opposing team this game could last for hours....

Overall: 5
As much as I loved this game, too many if's and conditions apply for it to be truly outstanding....""if"" they had improved the graphics and ""if"" they had added more monsters or more sides or more.....anything to take advantage of the Nintendo's superiority over Vic20 and Com 64 type computers....

I hope that one day this game will be reserected on modern consoles improved and enhaced....into a venue where Archons potential can be exploited.


Reviewer: Big Nat G Date: Jul 17, 2001
Well... I always hate giving a bad review, but... well... this game deserves one... It's not that i hate the series or anything, but the game is too hard, with poor graphics, and it's hardly any fun. If anybody want's to find a good version of the game, you could always search for one for the computer. It's called the same thing (except for ""the light and the dark"" part) But overall I would not give this game the Big Nat G stamp of approval... It's not worth your time.