Milon's Secret Castle

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Reviewer: Tommy Arcade Date: Apr 20, 2003
Hey Guys!! Tommy Arcade here! You know what? I love original games. Hudson Soft was a game company that made original games like Adventure Island series. The one game they make that sticks out in my mind is Milons Secret Castle. This game has multiple rooms and has multiple puzzles. This game is where you are Milon, an adventurous little guy who falls asleep and comes to a magical place called Castle Garland. You have to save the princess from the evil wizard Merlock. I never put this game down until the game was over. finished it in just over an hour. Lets plug this puppy with some ratings!!

Graphics: 7
Good Graphics. Better than expected when this game came out. The creatures look cool and Milon looks like he had a few beers to boot. The background is detailed to the notch and it looks like a real castle. the way it should be.

Sound: 6
Nice Music. Sounds really beautiful and goes right with the castle scene. Its a beat you can tap to. I had to deduct 3 points for the stupid music at the Demon guard room. It sounds terrible. i deducted the 1 point becuz they dont sell the soundtrack for this game on CD anywhere.

Gameplay: 9
Excellent gameplay! Nice adventure all around to play. You climb the castle trying to get to the top. To get there, you have to defeat the Demon guard of each level. Once you defeat it, you get a crystal ball and the door will open to the next level. When you reach the top, you will enter The Wizard Level. You will face Merlock. You must have the Crown and the Ceptar before you can fight Merlock. Defeat Merlock and you will save the princess and Castle Garland. Great Storyline!

Overall: 8
Great game all around. If you want a great game to play for a fantasy touch, play this one. youll be glad you did. I give this my Tommy Arcade Seal of Approval!

Until next time, GAME IT UP!!!



Reviewer: Adam Cuerden Date: Jul 2, 2001
This is one of the more interesting games I've played, and probably my most nostalgic. It is varied, clever, and fun, even if I absolutely moaned at the ending (Let's just say that I've never seen a shorter one) The concept is clever: It's sort of a vertical legend of zelda, with many more puzzles. Let me give you a sample room: After leaping in the well, you need to find the hidden spring, which the jump boots you bought back in the first level allows you to use. This sends you up to a higher level, and there you can blast some blacks to enter the next part of the castle basement. Dodge enemies and head downwards, using the trapdoors, getting the honeycomb (extra life) on the way down. Head right, into the flame room. The flame protection vest is important here. Work your way around to the lower right corner, and battle a boss, and in the next room, you'll find the shop you need to proceed. However, I fear that this may not quite give you the full impression of this game - so try it. One of the best eatures is that most rooms have about haflf a dozen hidden features, including powerups, shops, music boxes (sort of bonus levels, with really good music, each music box you find adding another instrument to the music) and, of course, a hidden door that allows you to escape the room, and the key you need to open it! Anyway, on with the ratings.
Graphics: 8
The graphics are somewhat surreal, but rather good, and quite varied. Quite good graphics for a nintendo game, but there are a few games with better (Castlevania, etc) So I can't give it a 10.
Sound: 10
Extremely catchy music, and in the bonus levels, the music is shockingly good for a nintendo game, especially in the later ones (the first one only has a drum. Find some more to get the effect.)
Gameplay: 10
Fun, tricky, and quite challenging. The original was marred by the lack of a password or battery backup, but emulators deal with that. there are infinite continues, but only after the first orb - hold left when you press star after dying, I believe. Not the cleveret device to use, but it rewards those who read the manual, I suppose.
Overall: 9
Weeks and weeks of pleasure, even if the ending's a bit of a letdown. It's still worthwhile!