Monster Truck Rally

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Reviewer: BloodySky Date: Jan 4, 2007
This game is a great classic. It supports up to 4 players and can be really fun with all 4 people playing with you. It has a great mode where you can create your own tracks and have fun with them.

Graphics: 9
The graphics are great for NES. 4 little trucks on the screen jumping jumps, slamming threw water, jumping cars, all that nice stuff.

Sound: 7
The sound is good going with the terrain you are driving through. But they get kind of sluggish. But the music is a nice classic.

Gameplay: 10
Very fun. Building your own tracks and then racing them, and even throwing some of your friends into the mix of your own track. What more could you ask for?

Overall: 9
It's a nice game and has a great fun factor. Going against computer can get kind of annoying, but if you can, get 3 of your friends and all play together, that's where the fun really comes in.

All in all it's a great game with lots of fun. I highly suggest finding this one for the NES system, if you can, and throwing your friends into the mix. In my opinion, that's where the game truly shines when it comes to the fun factor.