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Reviewer: Porkman Date: Apr 21, 2005
Astyanax was the first NES game I actually was heavily involved with when I was seven. To say that it is my favorite is an understatement.

Graphics: 10
The game looks like its more mature than many other side-scrolling action games. It really draws you in. The bosses are REALLY detailed.

Sound: 9
Addictive and annoying if you keep the game on without pausing. You do not know when a boss is coming until you hear the \"Doo,doo,doo,etc\" music and they come side-scrolling in.

Gameplay: 9
Hit things with your weapon and move on through levels of many monsters. Its what everyone likes best from an NES action game. I like it that way.

Overall: 10
Oh, yeah. I still play it all the time. Too bad no sequels were made but I suppose it\'s better off that way. If you haven\'t played it. PLAY IT NOW!

Hit as many floating things or you will die. Knock the skeletons off ledges. Watch out for the flytraps. Kill, kill, kill. The dragon has three parts (just hit the moving spot). If you haven\'t played it. You never were/are a true NES game freak.


Reviewer: GamerZ Date: Oct 11, 2003
One of my favorite NES games. And one of the most difficult. You start out as a boy named Astyanax who has a recurring dream of a princess. Next thing you know, you meet a fairy.

Graphics: 8
For an NES game, this is as good as it gets. So much detail is rarely seen on the 8 bit classics.

Sound: 10
Oh my god, the sound has been stuck in my head for days. For a taste of it, I reccommend

Gameplay: 8
A liitle hard to jump, but hey, Im not complaining.

Overall: 9
A great experience.

My only complaint is the storyline, I mean, a fairy named Cutie, and the villan's assistant is thorndog.