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Reviewer: Dan Date: Oct 15, 2001
Face it, we all would love to be a giant monster and level cities just becaus we can. And we all have wanted to eat somebody at some point... right? Come on, back me up people... forget I said that. Anyways, here they come.

They got the job done. They weren't anything to jump up and down screaming like a little school kid who just caught a Mewtwo about, but they certainly weren't that bad. The expressions on your monsters face when they get hurt or are about to fall are great. Especially when you play two players and kick your buddy in the sack, classic gaming at it's finest. You could at least tell who each person was just before you devoured them.

Hmmm... it's hard to reveiw sound when there's next to none in it. Nothing memorable at all in this category, lets just more on...

Let me get it out of the way right now, it is VERY repetitive, if you don't think you could be amused by smashing the same couple of building to peices over and over for hours then just turn away right now. If you enjoy being an agent of mass destruction, welcome to paradise. I admit that I find something strangely amusing about leveling every large city in the US. The real fun begins when you bring a friend into the mix. Just fighting over who gets to eat who or playing volleyball with the manhole covers is almost good enough for its own game.

Definatly above average, but definately not the best. The game is a lot of fun, but it can get old after a while, and the fact that you can continue indefinately really kills the challenge. And on a side note, where's Ralph the Wolf?!?! His inclusion could have scored a whole extra point!?! Munch away.


Reviewer: toad_361 Date: Jun 16, 2001
Above average graphics for a Nintendo game and some good gameplay... oh, wait. Playing level after level of the same level starts getting boring after the first ten minutes. Good for nostalgia... All good things must come to an end. Don't overplay it.

Toad gives it a 5 out of 10: average.


Reviewer: Maxamilious Date: Jun 16, 2001
I can remember playing this at the local Major Magics on the arcade. Simply one of the best arcade games as a kid. Very simple gameplay knock down buildings advance to the next level. Many obstacles get in the way though. Mediocre, below average sound, yet fun gameplay give it a average score of 7.

Maxamilious-Stamp of Approval

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