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Reviewer: Ellie Date: Oct 2, 2006
Anyone who can remember when MTV actually played REAL MUSIC will remember a teeny little game show they had called Remote Control. The NES version of it was released alongside an at-home board game version. The NES version is WAAAY better.

Graphics: 7
The graphics in this game are pretty good. You have the basic contestants and host, and the question screens aren't blue. Bright colors and big hair are afoot.

Sound: 7
Sound in the game is ok, it's basically one song over and over and over again. But it fits the mood of an offbeat pop culture quiz game.

Gameplay: 7
Answers are multiple choice, which spares players from the usual "beat the clock" experience of trying to select the letters with a cursor and enter them in. Ringing in can get complicated, but that was true for most of the multi-player games of the day. Unless you had a load of controllers. But most people who game don't have that many people over at one time.

Overall: 7
This is a decent game, and good for anyone who likes pop culture, trivia in general, and just plain old games that make you THINK for a change .Has loads of questions about the Brady Bunch. Now can Trebek say that? Didn't think so.