Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

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Reviewer: Ryan Moore Date: Aug 10, 2005
From the music on the title screen, you can tell that this game was well-done. The graphics give it an edge not often seen on NES games, and the gameplay has a sort of action/rpg configuration that made it one of my all-time favorites.

Graphics: 9
Okay, so the graphics in the main game are enjoyable. I loved them. They definitely show you what's going on, and the graphics add to the atmosphere. You'll find nice little artistic touches here and there, and the dueling graphics are pretty slick. Even in the epic battle scenes, you can still tell which way the fight is going amid the many on-screen sprites. Some of the screens, like the Title and Game Over screens, will cause you to exclaim, "Word up!" or something to that effect.

Sound: 10
The music is great. It fits, but in many places it has an added aggressive edge and a great deal of energy. One of the great NES soundtacks. If you don't believe me, go ahead and hear for yourself.

Gameplay: 10
Ah, here we are. Sometimes it can be a little confusing to use the equipment, but all you have to remember is that Robin is always your active character in the main game... at least I think so, I'll have to check again. The main game is an overhead, "video rpg-ish" sort of view. If you want to fight tougher enemies, you'll need to seek out the really tough armor, and you'll also need to obtain the latest bone-crushing weapons. Swords, bows, and even Little John's quarterstaff will permit you to triumph o'er the foe. Many items and equipment can be taken from fallen enemies, be they lake monsters, skeletons, dungeon guards, etc. Ooh, do I see a little fantasy in this excellent action-rpg? Moreover, some of the tougher enemies (including Little John) must be dueled against, one-on-one. Attacking, jumping, and rolling will allow you to gain the upper hand and smite your enemies with superior skill. Finally, the game changes to a bird's eye view for epic battles in which your whole party participates. These are tough, so keep your guard up and don't forget that you can switch characters! Oh, and do I remember something about horses?

Overall: 10
A testament to what the NES could really do. It had some real attitude, in much the same way as Batman had. A fun game, an epic adventure, and a familiar storycome together for an irresistible gaming experience.

Always one of my favorites.


Reviewer: AD420 Date: Sep 2, 2001
this is a great game, It follow the movie very well. All the cratures are very well repesented. There is three different views in the game a platfrom(side) an overview, and a duel (also a side view) this game is one of the first to take on the inventory, not like FF or other very common rpg this one is like reident evil or BG inventory. But like other rpgs like the ffs or chrono or othis you take followers that aid u in your juonry.
A very good nes game that will take a few days aleast o beat. I promise your will not get bord playing this one.