Bad Street Brawler

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Reviewer: Rammier Durkhart Date: Apr 29, 2004
This is a pretty bad game. I didn't have to play it very long to figure that out. The only reason I'm still holding on to it is because it's the funniest thing I've ever played. There is no real point to the game and the best explaniation I can give is that a circus has gone out of control and attack the first man in yellow shorts and a tanktop they see.

Graphics: 2
Actually, the graphics are the funniest thing in the game. Some of the animations look like they could be something else, like the "trip" move looks like you are molesting the enemy. The "ear twist" move also looks funny. Seriously though, some of the graphics of the enemies aren't that good. The ape lying on the ground looks like a brown blob on the screen.

Sound: 2
The sound is pretty dull and the music gets annoying after a while. I gave it a 2 instead of a 1 because the sound can be funny a times as well.

Gameplay: 3
The gameplay isn't that good. Some of the moves you have take so long to pull off, namely the "stooge hit" that you are attacked before it can do any damage.

Overall: 3
The game has you kicking and punching dogs, circus midgets, apes, and guys beating you with something that looks like a frozen fish. The game has no point. So essentially you are ruthlessly beating circus performers with goofy moves. The only real reason to play the game is for the comedic value.

If want to play a game where you can have a good laugh, then by all means try this out. If you want to try a game that's so bad it's funny, then this is it. But if you are looking for a good fighting game you won't find it here.


Reviewer: Spekkio Date: Jul 21, 2001
Play this game for the sheer hilarity. This game is unintentionally one of the foulest games ever made, as you take the role of a man in tight pants roming the city streets looking for love...or something. Your mission: Beat up everything in the big city, be it man, dog, break dancer, purple junkie with white salami, or escaped circus midget...what the??? What kinda game is this anyway??? Use your deadly 'trip' (perhaps bad translation, it should be renamed 'the grope') to rub and massage those naughty criminals into submission. After a few levels, you will likely become frustrated and give up, when even your deadly 'stooge hit' isn't enough to stop you from the boxing monkeys. if you enjoy playing crappy games for laughs, then this one is for you...