Romance of the Three Kingdoms II

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Reviewer: andrew Date: May 3, 2003
This game is fun and challenging. It's one of the few games I've lost once or twice to the computer. It has all the making of a great RPG, great story line, tons of characters to use, and a hard goal to reach. This game is stuctured around some actual events(read Sun Tzu's The Art of War for more). If you like games such as l'emperuer or North vs. South you'll like this one too!...the fun factor on this game is a 10 with no question.

Graphics: 8
For it's time it was great...4 megabit rather than 8 bit which is better for higher definition detail needed for the characters Pictures and overview map.

Sound: 7
Never had a problem with the sound jerking or messing up. However after a long session of play the sound can become annoying.

Gameplay: 8
It is limited in some parts of the game and perfect in other parts. overall not bad.

Overall: 9
The fun factor is high, were as in graphics and sound it lacks a tad....over all great of my favorites of all time.

Romance of the III Kingdoms I,II,III,IV,V and so on are all great games!...i play them all often enough...the game has lasted to make it so it was made for ps2....not many game's have lasted from nintendo to ps2. so that has to say something for it