Rush'n Attack

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Reviewer: Rick Date: Feb 6, 2003
Okay, I have _serious_ issues that no one has rated this game yet. I first played this game in the arcade, and when it came out for NES my 9-year-old brain literally exploded. I played this thing so much as a kid that I actually beat it, which is tough for me to do now in my early 20's. :) Just a great game and I'll tell you why.

Graphics: 9
I gave this a 9 because the difference between the arcade and home versions really weren't all that much. Aside from the three or four animations each guy would have, bosses looked good, backgrounds looked good - and the last boss is a sight. At the time, it was heavenly, and that's how I will recall it.

Sound: 10
Okay, flat out, this gets a 10. I was humming these damn songs all day at school. The classic 'OOOoooooooOOOO' 'OOOOOOOOoooooooOOOO' sirens at the beginning of the game kicks off a great score overall

Gameplay: 10
Some might argue that the jumping interface is bad, but I don't care - it was creative for the day, and much like Bionic Commando, had it's own special feel to it. From multiple knifeing motions to doing 'push-ups', I've always loved that little soldier. Enemies shooting from towers, different colored enemies for guys that do different things (weapon-holders, jumping guys, etc) - everything was very smart and thoughtout.

Overall: 10
One of my favorite games of all time, period. Great for two players, too. Adn if you're wondering about the name, my mom thought I was saying 'Russian Attack' all those years, which was obviously a cheap attack against the 'Mother' back in the day. Who cares! Play this game.