Sesame Street: ABC & 123

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Reviewer: GameProPrincess Date: Sep 13, 2003
I played this game as a very young child. Or at least one like it called Bert and Ernie's shapes and colors for the Atari. And FYI for Jigsaw: This game is for kids who don't already know their ABC's and 123's. It's a great teaching tool. I, as a parent, approve of it.

Graphics: 3
What can I say? Are the graphics in NES games ever good?

Sound: 3
Well my son seems to enjoy anything that makes sound so...gotta give it something on the fact it has sound.

Gameplay: 5
Teaching is key to the gameplay here so high ratings...

Overall: 6
I have to give the overall of 6 because like I said it teaches. Any teaching game can be rated high in my book. I hate games these days that just rot the brains. Kids are getting brainwashed into thinking violence is cool when back when I was little the most violence you saw in a game was Donkey Kong throwing a barrel at Mario. And please like that could happen in real life anyway...

Please if you have very little ones like 2-5 let them try this game a few times. Don't go find a sword fighting...punch throwing..all out brawl of a game. Let them learn the right way.


Reviewer: Jigsaw Date: Jul 1, 2001
Quite frankly, if you made it through the site to the Vault, then know your ABC's and your 123's and you shouldn't be playing this.