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Reviewer: Mewthree Date: Sep 9, 2003
I remember playing this game when it first came out, and it held my attention. It seems weird that according to the plot, he's an ordinary guy who just has metal hands; and still going out to fight an army of full out cyborgs. Another cool concept to this game are the satellite robots.

Graphics: 8
These are the type of graphics that aren't really "clean" like you might see in most capcom games, for instance, but it seems to be going for a detail despite its 8-bit limits. Usually this looks kinda crappy for games that do this, but this is one of the few that manages to hold its graphics together

Sound: 7
It has sort of a rock beat, or at least a definite rock theme going on with most of the songs. The only bad part is that "AREA E" and "AREA F" share the same BGM. The non-music sounds have sort of a scratchyness to them, but have a realistic feel for what is happening.

Gameplay: 9
My favorite genre of game is the platformer, and this has one of the best gameplays I have tried. It was kind of original that you are given an intro stage, then a stage select. You have to use strategy to get the right satellite robot, and to get the suit at the right time. I prefer it this way when there is a definite variation going on in the stages.

Overall: 8
overall, I would have to say that this game has a lot of surprises If you play it right. All of the elements to the game seem to fit well together. And for people like myself, it has sort of a mysterious sppeal to it.