Shingen the Ruler

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Reviewer: FFU Axman Date: Dec 14, 2001
I got this game because I was looking for a good play, something different from the games out at the time. This is probably the first game I have downloaded AFTER owning the cartridge, but I finally got tired of the game freezing and glitching from age.

Graphics: 6
It's pretty nice looking, but some of the battle scenes could use some work. The daiyamo's faces look good, and so do the other faces you see in the game.

Sound: 9
Every time I play this game, the music has me tapping on the keyboard or controller. It's uptempo during the battle scenes, yet mild and very fitting for the game during ""management"" screens.

Gameplay: 10
One of the single most enjoyable games I have ever played. It is different from many other S&T games out there, and the difficulty level ramps steeply from the very beginning.

Overall: 7
Overall, this was a very good game. The controls were simple, the management was straitforward. The battles were simple enough that a complete beginner could do it, but still leave room for a lot of strategy.

This game is one of many shining examples of the fact that even after the years go by, the games are still fun, new, and fresh. Combining many elements of modern strategy games with a new perspective, this game is worth the long time to beat it!


Reviewer: gatt Date: Aug 26, 2001
This is probably the most engrossing game I've ever played, especially on the NES I love this game. First off it's freaking hard, from the very start you are surrounded by other Daymios who want your land, they are all stronger then you so you are either on the offensive or defensive from the begining. Nothing special on graphics but they are more then adequate, the battles can take awhile to go through but strategy is rewarded with fewer troop losses, if you like Total War this game is just like it, I would even go as far as to say that this game could be considered Total War I.