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Reviewer: Tricob Date: Apr 4, 2002
Welcome to the Shufflepuck Cafe: Your goal is to hit the puck so it goes through the opponent's gate. Of course, your opponent tries to do the same to you.

There are several kinds of opponents you have to play against, and you select who to play with at the start of your game.

One player can't keep the puck shooter still, another uses magic against you, another drinks way too often, and so on.

Graphics: 7
Good, just not great. They're not any more impressive than usual for Nintendo, but no worse, either. They do their job.

The artist's knowledge of the psychological effects of different colors is better than usual, though. No red is in harder parts of the game, meaning less frustration for the player.

Sound: 7
No background music, and nothing special about the sound effects, aside from humor.

Gameplay: 6
Good, but there's not quite enough variety in the gameplay to give this game a good entertainment value. Despite the number of different opponents, the player gets bored with the gameplay a *little* too easily.

Overall: 7
The 3-Dimensional game engine is excellent and completely flawless. If you want an NES game with this kind of gameplay, I doubt you'll do better than this. If I myself wrote such a game, this is the best I could ever hope for.

Worth a play, for something dramatically different with Nintendo. If anything, you'll get a good laugh at it.

Just have another game ready to play when you start Shufflepuck, because you'll be wanting to do something else in less than an hour.

- Tricob.