Side Pocket

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Reviewer: Vega21 Date: Jan 2, 2002
I definitively love this game! I remember when I played the Arcade version of this game, that is practically the same to the NES one, and I spent lots of hours of fun playing it.

Graphics: 5
The graphics are not bad, though it's not necessary to make hypermegasuper great graphics for a game like this.

Sound: 6
and the music is adequate for this kind of game, I like it fairly a lot…

Gameplay: 9
As a regard to the playing, it’s necessary to play many times if someone wants to finish this game, it’s important to practice quite a lot, though sometimes you think you are playing well, there’ll be a moment in the game where you’ll see that you have to improve your shots in order to pass to the next level.

Overall: 8
The game is very simple: when you are finished, depending on the balls inserted in a row and, moreover, the order (1, 2, 3… etc) that they were putted in, you’ll get more points or less. To pass a level, you have to reach a determinate number of points. Because of that, I said it’s difficult to reach the highest levels, since at the end you have to do a “perfect” game, if you want to success. Anyway, this is very relative…
My opinion in general? This game is a vice!

Very addictive, that’s all…


Reviewer: belial Date: Jul 29, 2001
this game has some lousy graphics and music..... but it holds a special place on my shelf and in my heart. haha my dad and i used to play this one for hours on end. it matched something ""he"" liked (pool) with something ""i"" liked (video games) and to this day i think it just gave us something we could do together. my hats off to the designers. and i recomend it to any pool sharks who can't quite make it to the hall.