Space Shuttle Project

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Reviewer: Kyle Tekaucic Date: Feb 8, 2004
Nintendo, the final space imitation. This is the voyage on the Space Shuttle Project. Its 5-hour mission, to get Enterprise, Columbia, Discovery, Atlantis, and Endeavor into orbit, to launch and repair satellites, assemble spacestations, and rescue cosmonauts, to boldly go where many have gone before, through an inferno, to land safely.

Graphics: 9
The emulation of the shuttle and its components are nicely emulated, even though the SRB exhaust and SSME exhaust cannot be shown simultaneously, and the shuttle should be vibrating, not the screen.

Sound: 10
Amazingly, this was the first game to ever use speech-synthesizers fully, the music was really serene in space, and all music matched the mood.

Gameplay: 9
Although is would typically emulate a real shuttle launch, I don't think the shuttle could be ready for launch in 1:30, and you couldn't really pilot the craft. Still, the idea of these missions are completely realistic.

Overall: 9
This really is the peak of the