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Reviewer: Acorn Date: May 27, 2002
Spelunker is one of the true NES classics. It came out when the NES was still a rather new system, but it still is one of the best games out there.

Graphics: 3
The graphics are what you would expect from most of the early nintendo games, and there isnt anything stunning about them.

Sound: 3
The music is kinda repetitive, but you get used to it or you just can ignore it.

Gameplay: 10
The game itself is only four levels long, but those four levels are possibly the most challenging four levels there are. The controls are touchy and you need to get used to them, but even after you get used to them there still isn't room for mistakes.

Overall: 10
If you are looking for a challenge from such a basic game...this is what you want. Touchy controls, patience, and determination is the only way to beat this game. Its a true classic for the nes and is often very underated. This is one of the best NES games ever.

This is one of my top ten favorite games!!!


Reviewer: electric tigerboy Date: Aug 30, 2001
This has to be the worst game ever made, at any time, on any system, in any universe. I would give the game all zero's if I had the power. I'm not sure what the point of the game is. It reminds me a bit of the pitfall series on the Atari 2600 without the fun and, quite frankly, about the same graphics. The game mechanics are simply awful. There is nothing to look at, nothing interesting to do, no point, and absolutely no reason to play this. I take that back--download this and play it for about five minutes--when you rate other games, ask yourself--""is it as awful as Spelunker?"" It sets the standard for awfulness. I hate this game soooo much, flames, heaving breathless, flames, on the side of my face, AAAARRRRGGGGGHHH. It's so awful it makes me mad that anyone though anybody would enjoy it. It's an implied insult to the entire gaming audience. Fuck this awful game. I have nothing left to say except whoever designed it should be crucified upside down with nails soaked in salt-water. For a start.