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Reviewer: Ovi Date: Sep 11, 2005
Remember the days when 7-Up (yes, the soda company) had a mascot? It was a red circle with sunglasses named Spot, and it positively oozed coolness. Well they decided to make a game for him one day, and unlike most games based off of popular franchises that make similar, ununique platform games - Spot was totally unique and original.

Spot is a board game, or rather, a strategic mind game. You control the red spots, and duplicate as many of them as you can, while your opponent controls the green Spots and tries to take over as many of the spaces on the board as it can. Whenever you or your opponent land next to eachother's 'spots', you gain control of the ones within a certain radius from you. Believe me, it isn't as easy as it sounds - it is one of the most challenging mind games ever.

Graphics: 7
While they aren't perfect, the graphics get the job done alright, which is all that really matters. However, Spot is one of the few NES games out there with such crisp animations - like when your Spots move from point to point - it's hillarious and makes the game more fun.

Sound: 1
Spot has no music at all that I can remember, but it does have some sound. While this isn't a bad thing, a lot of people really enjoy the tunes in games, and sometimes that is what stands out most to them about classic games.

Gameplay: 8
This is a very fun game, and I'm surprised that not many people out there know about it. I originally owned the PC verion, but when I lost that I found out it was also made for NES, but I'm happy to report that they aren't too much different.

If you're a fan of board games, strategy games, puzzles, or mind games - this is a game you should try. At first it seems pretty simple, but as you play you'll quickly realize that the AI in this game is a genius. Rarely do I beat it, but it is so addictive that you'll want to challenge it a few times in a row. The game will get old quickly, but you'll probably want to play again eventually.

Overall: 7
Spot is a nice strategical mind game that everyone should give a try. It's unique, innovative, and quite odd. In a good way. The game will stress you out a lot unless you are really good at it, but that's some tough AI you're facing. The game certainly won't be life-changing for you, but it is fun.

Whatever happened to Spot, anyway? 7-Up should have never gotten rid of him, he was the only thing that made me like 7-Up!