Stanley: The Search for Dr. Livingston

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Reviewer: Maholix Date: Nov 9, 2008
It is a bit of a surprise to see this without a review, so I will do it. I hope my review will be accurate, this is the second NES game I ever got.

In this game you play a newspaper man/explorer. It appears that an old friend of yours went missing while trying to unlock some sort of Mayan mystery and you suspect foul play.

Graphics: 7
The graphics are pretty basic, but for the time, decent. It's no Zelda 2 however. It appears to be 8 bit, but you call tell what things are. The reason I gave this as high as a 7 is because many of the locations have personality. There are some areas that look the same, but I always assumed that was to give a lost in jungle feel.

Sound: 8
Part of the personality aspect is certainly the music, so I feel it does it's intended purpose, and I have occasionally found it kinda catchy.

Gameplay: 9
This is the game's highlight. It plays out mainly in a platform manner, with ability to enter buildings and use tools (as you find them) on various enemies and structures. Once you beat an area, you use your flag on the map to move in any direction to a new spot or replay a beaten area. (say you saw a tool but couldn't get to it till now)

You come across a whole host of little villages and often are given little tasks to complete on your search for the good doctor, and battle every thing from bugs, snakes and tigers, to ghost warriors. And beware of the bridges.. they aren't that sturdy.

The only let down is the ending. I always expected a cool one, but its just a cut scene and a you win message. All the same, it's pretty creative.

Overall: 8
Overall I give it an 8. It could have used a little bit more interaction with people in the game, and a little clearer direction, but with the effort that was put in, it is certainly worth playing at least once.

For it's time, this is a great game, and for what it's worth I often go back and play it again from time to time despite the poor ending. I got this as a kid, and now, even at the age of 21 I still play it for old time's sake.