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Reviewer: Thrillah Date: Aug 18, 2005
StarTropics is a game released in 1990 with both RPG and Action elements. While many consider it a Zelda clone, playing it proves to be very different. The storyline is completely its own, and the gameplay while similar to Zelda, due to the confinements of the Nintendo Entertainment System, has it's own unique qualities that make it totally different from Zelda. Think Mario 64, Banjo-Kazooie, and Donkey Kong 64. All similar but all with qualities all their own.

The protagonist of the story is Michael Jones (Mike Jones). He is a teenage kid on his way to the South Seas for summer vacation to visit his Archaeologist Uncle Dr. Jones, at a fictional place called C-Island. Upon arriving he discovers that his uncle has seemed to have disappeared and so his journey begins.

Graphics: 9
The graphics in this game are superb for the day and age of the system. In my opinion they are much better than Zelda, which many compares the game to. There are basically two different types of graphics you see in the game. One is a very overhead view in which the RPG elements are seen (talking to people for information), and the other is the action sequences in the dungeons where the graphics get alot better. The bosses are some of the best designed for the NES and the effects aren't bad at all.

Sound: 10
The music in this game is what sets it apart from many others. Sometimes the action music gets repetitive but all in all there are many different songs that were made for this game that are catchy as all hell. After playing it, you will certainly find yourself humming one of the songs at one point or another. The music truly puts the tropical feel into the game.

Gameplay: 9
The game play is pretty simple in the RPG talk mode. You walk around and press a button to talk to someone. Simple but effective. The action gameplay may be a little awkard to someone who hasn't seen the game before but by the time you finish the first chapter you will be used to it and use some of the nuances to your advantage while playing. The boss fights prove to be intense as well and really give a sense of accomplishment upon defeating them.

Overall: 10
One if not "the" best game made for the NES in its genre. I could not give it anything less than a 10 and feel that I did it justice.

StarTropics was one of the first RPG-esque games I played growing up. I fell in love with the game at the tender age of 7 when it was released and have continued to play it again over the years. It was a highly overlooked game but made the edition of the Nintendo Power top 100 games of all time back when the Nintendo 64 was brand new. If you haven't played it give it a shot, you won't be disappointed and may even find a new favorite.