Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight

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Reviewer: Suzaman Date: Jan 18, 2004
Hey guys, if you want top notch action fighting game, Look no futher. Street Fighter 2010 has you da hook-up. In SF2k10 you play as Ken (thats as much in common as it has with its famous addictive fighter counterpart)and you go to various worlds and nicely detailed stages and destroy bosses at the end.

Graphics: 9
The graphics are nicely detailed and colored. Some stages may seem dull but overall you'll admire the ancient machine for pumping out its beautiful 8-bit FURY. Bottom line one of the best examples of the NES use of great graphics.

Sound: 10
Never, and I mean never for the NES has another game other than Mario and Zelda have tunes that you'll be humming long after you beat it. It has a diffrent nice techno rock beat on each level that you'll be humming maniacally with, plus fits the game mood perfectly on each level.

Gameplay: 8
Ah yes the gameplay, well you have alot of control of Ken. He can jump, flip around and craw on walls and you can do this flawlessly. He attacks enemys with his power punch and kick.( throughout the level you'll find power-ups that'll make them go farther and stronger.
BUT (you knew it was coming) the game has a some flaws. The level can range to easy to hard in a few stages , some enemys and bosses are really cheap. Some might get ticked off by the moving side scrolling levels, but with these minor flaws you'll want to keep playing till you beat it. I do warn it is one of the harder games for the NES, but I beat it and I still come back to it even today.

Overall: 8
One of the best ation game on the NES and The Most UNDERATED NES GAME EVER. Will be over looked won't be but, not forgotten.

Please check it out.