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Reviewer: Blarg! Date: Nov 12, 2005
Apparently a suped-up sequel to Contra, this is probably my favorite NES game of all time.

Graphics: 10
Spectacular. Boss characters are beautiful to look at, especially the bigger ones as you go deeper into Red Falcon's lair. Lots of detail in the environments, more than any other NES game I can think of. But graphics don't make this game the awesome asskicking fest that it is.

Sound: 7
The sound effects were better in the first Contra. Super C's sounds seem kind of muffled, but maybe that's me.

Gameplay: 10
Your Commando is easy to control and moves fluidly, especially while maneuvering in mid-air. If the controls weren't as sharp this game would be completely impossible to beat.

Overall: 10
Simply awesome. The best Contra game ever made in my opinion. Yes, even better than the Alien Wars and Hard Corps. This isn't a game for someone who isn't a die-hard NES fan, as the difficulty is nothing short of insanity. If you don't lose all your lives in less than a minute the first time you play you're a damn dirty liar. Or cheating.

What else can I say?


Reviewer: sirkakkarot Date: Oct 11, 2001
Konami's Super C, just the name alone makes me feel all warm and nostalgic. :) I played Super C probably more than any other NES game. In fact, I became so good at this game that I could breeze through it in about 15 minutes while only using one life. This game also brings back fond memories of spending weekends with my cousin and best friend Josh. We would play this game for hours and hours and never grow tired of it. Super C really shines in the teamwork department. If you have a friend with whom to take on the aliens, it just adds to the fun.

In case you've never heard of Super C, here is some information about this stellar NES title.

In Super C you control one of two soldiers whos mission is to destroy the vile and ruthless Red Falcon and his alien army. You have many weapons of mass destruction at your disposal including, Spread guns, flame throwers, laser rifles, and machine guns that will be necessary in accomplishing your daunting task.
Here are my scores for Super C.

Graphics: 8

Very bright, colorful graphics with lots of bullets and bombs flying everywhere. The NES really pushes it's sprite handling capabilities with this title. These were impressive graphics for the time. There are lots of huge bosses that you will fight, and they are all well designed and animated.

Sound: 9

Sound effects sound like what they are supposed to. Machine gun fire sounds like machine gun fire, grenade explosions sound somewhat like grenade explosions. The music was usually upbeat and really pulled you into the game. Considering the NES's limited audio capabilities, I was impressed with what Konami was able to accomplish sound-wise.

Gameplay: 10

Fun, fast, frantic action that just doesn't get old, even today. I would rather play Super C with a friend than just about any other modern, 2 player game. Teamwork went a long way toward survival, especially in the later stages.
The satisfaction you get from helping each other tackle an especially tough boss is what keeps you coming back for more.

Control: 10

You will have no problems making your character do what you want him to do. Moving, jumping, and firing your weapons is both easy to do and necessary to finish the game :) so you will quickly adapt to the controls. Konami made sure that the controls were responsive in this game, since quick reflexes and an even quicker trigger finger are required to suceed.

Overall: 9

An extremely fun, addicting, and satisfying gameplay experience that really shouldn't be missed. Super C is side scrolling action at it's best. Kudos to Konami for creating one of the best games of the NES era, and for helping create many fond, childhood memories.


Reviewer: Tricob Date: Aug 20, 2001
Basically, this seems to be a sequel to ""Contra"", but has much better action and graphics. The graphics are drop-dead incredible, and can even be compared to the SNES!

It's hard, but I've never been so eager to play a second round after getting the !@#$& kicked out of me in 12 seconds.

If you want the perfect blend of Maze/Platform game for the NES, you've got it right here! :-)