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Reviewer: Brian Henegar Date: Dec 5, 2001
1990 was the year that America's best known board game, Monopoly, was being developed into a primetime game show, by Merv Griffin. You might ask yourself why I mention this in a review of Super Jeopardy!, well it works like this. Merv tried to sell the format of Monopoly to the ABC network, but they didn't like it. However, ABC showed GREAT interest in doing Jeopardy!, so Merv, being the shrewd business man that he is, decided to make a deal, ABC could a have a special Tournament of Champions on ABC, IF they bought Monopoly. ABC did and from thjis idea, came 1990's Super Jeopardy tournament which aired in the summer of 1990. Thise game allows, you, the humble consumer the oppertunity to take part in the $250,000 Champion of Champions tourney. Which was won by Bruce Seymour.

Graphics: 7
The graphics do their job and are at best better than the original version, at worst they are good contenders, but that host is NO Alex Trebek, so I had to dock a few points for that one.

Sound: 6
Your usual Jeopardy! dings and buzzers and a digitized voice telling the point value and if your right or wrong, still had to dock points because Alex Trebek would not record, sorry.

Gameplay: 7
If you've ever watched ""Jeopardy!"" then you know the drill pick answers from a board, answer if the form of a question. The real changes are in the point values and and the first tournament rounds. Jeopardy! has 200 to 1000 points and Double Jeopardy! has 500 to 2500 pints (former head writer Harry Eisenberg said they did this to give the illusion of a more difficult game). also there were 4 players instead of 3 in the opening round (this was done to accomodate the new college champion and big winners from the sixth season). once you get into the semi finals and the grand final, you play with the traditional three players. The material was by no means more difficult than usual, but there are some difficult categories and as a whole the material is on the tough side.

Overall: 7
This was a good game, not a great game, not a bad game, but a good game. I would ave liked it better if Alex Trebek was brought in to read the voice parts, but I guess you can't always get what you want. The whole tournament aspect was a great addition, really new and different. I wish that the games that come out for computers now had tournement option like this where you could play for the $100,000 title.

This shows you what lengths Merv Griffin will go to to Sell a new show, most people wouldn't btoher to bundle a package like the SJ! tournament to sell a at best mediocre game show. In case you are wondering, ""Monopoly"" with Mike Reilly, was cancelled after thirteen weeks. That's Showbiz.


Reviewer: Jaime Griffin Date: Jul 15, 2001
God this game is awful. I mean, first of all, the questions are ridiculously easy. Does anybody know the capital of new york? And what the hell is with the point values? A 2200 point question? I mean honestly, this game blow chunks. Do not, I repeat do not download this game. I could go on but it is not worth my time to review this godawful peice of crap. Bebe's kids would be an improvement from this. If you want a good Jeopardy game download JEOPARDY by gametek.

-Jaime Griffin