Superman (Kemco)

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Reviewer: Triad Date: Aug 28, 2001
Ughh. It seems Superman is a cursed license, destined not only to never be a good game, but to be truly wretched games. We should have learned from this little atrocity not to try and make one for N64. Well, well, well. Where to begin? It starts out well enough... nice little SD Superman sprites... but the game makes no sense. For one thing, to activate your powers, as Clark Kent you must find a phone booth to turn into Superman. OK, that's kind of cute. But for whatever reason, until you take off your street clothes and glasses, you're vulnerable to bullets! ...well... fair enough, as there's a phone booth pretty near the Daily Planet, where you start out. So off you go on your ill-defined quest. Soon enough you find out that, despite being Superman, for some reason you are able to be injured by guns. Not only that, take enough damage and you revert to Clark. I think it's great how video game companies realize that when we buy a game starring a superhero, we don't want to do anything cheap like, say, PLAYING AS A SUPERHERO.This might be forgivable if Superman/Clark controlled well. Geez, I really hate to be the bearer of bad news, but he don't. I just can't describe how difficult this game is to control with mere words. To recharge your superpowers, heat vision, flight, etc, you must find power crystals scattered about Metropolis (huh?). Makes no sense. I'd accept it if it made no sense but was good, but sadly, neither is the case. Right up there in the top 5 worst NES games I've ever played. Boy, I'm long-winded.