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Reviewer: Phrozenflame Date: Jun 27, 2001
Congraturation! You is of reading Phrozenflame Super Dodge Ball review! Thannkyou for pur-chasing this the thank.

:-) Engrish. Ya know I love it.

You honestly can't go wrong with a Technos game. Granted, the company's defunct, but they made some SERIOUS gems back in the days of old. These guys made River City Ransom, which is probably the most fun you can have with electricity. Super Dodge Ball is no exception, and is one of the most strangely addictive games ever.

This game takes us on the adventures of Sam and his fellow American dodge ballers as they destroy those dirty foreigners by throwing volleyballs at them. Yes friends, this is a game of live or die dodgeball. For those of us who survived forth grade gym class, we all know now that Dodge Ball is truely a bloodsport and that only the strong survive. Said one jackass: ""This is such a realistic simulation of dodge ball, I felt like I was in fourth grade again playing dodge ball on my Nintendo!""

They get the job done and are very cartoony, exactly like River City Ransom and the rest of the Kunio series. The only gripe is the occasional uncontrollable blinking of players, but it's not as bad as it sounds. The expressions on the opposing players faces after getting drilled by the ball are too good to be true. Fewer things hold more satisfaction than lovingly plastering a communist bastard from the USSR (Yes, it still existed in this game) in the back of the head with a volleyball...besides sex, or Duck Hunt. But one can't really compare those...*cough*. Hey, and they even got all the right stereotypes in! China is blatantly yellow, Kenya is brown as the dirt field you play them on, and Japan Ah well, 2 outta 3 ain't bad.

WOW. The sound in this game will make you grin. From the ""WheeeeEEEEDEEDEEDEE!!!"" of throwing a power shot to the ""THWACK!"" of tattooing all three members of the opposite team at once with said shot, the sound is where it's at. The music is good, nothing too memorable, but the final theme against the last team (I won't spoil it) is the best thing since sliced paper. I invented the hippo. *Hiccup!*

Easy to learn, not too hard to master. It's all in the timing here, kids. Throwing power shots require running from the back of the court, and throwing the ball, with the correct timing. Running-jumping power shots are the same, except at the end you jump (A+b, a la RCR and Double Dragon) and let fly. Again, timing is key, and it's easy once you get it down.

Fun is the word. Lethal dodge ball fun for 1 or 2 players, and if you can snag the Japanese version, 1-4 players (The Famicom had multiplayer in Japan before multiplayer beyond 2 was even a concept in America. Nice one, Ninitendo of America.) The 2P mode rocks, and with netplay on Nesticle, Dodge Ball Tournaments are the best. Good luck setting up the damn thing, though.

GAME TIPS: 1. We've learned a lot about this lethal sport of dodge ball, but more importantly, to pull your bloomers up tight and play every game like it's your last. It just might be.

2. You can pound the shit out of the supporting players that are on the sidelines. Just throw the ball at them. It doesn't really hurt them, but they fall down, and it's very satisfying

3. Walk to the boundary line and turn around. The screen will scroll to the left and one of your teammates will frantically wave his arms to get you to pass to him. Now laugh at him.

Download this game, it is easily one of the best games for the NES and the BEST DEATH DODGE BALL SIMULATION EVER! (With a whopping competition of zero. *wink*) At least until it comes out on GBA, be sure to grab that too.

Until next time.