Super Mario Bros.

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Reviewer: Homedogg Date: Jul 30, 2004
This here's the game that was not only one of the first side scrollers in VGA history, it was also the first real Mario game unless you're including Donkey Kong, which I'm not. Yep, this is the game that made it all happen, it started the craze, it pushed the revolution, return of the fat plumber with a vengeance for his princess. Ok ok let's get on with the review.

Graphics: 3
Ok I give it a 3-bad. Graphics really did suck but like I said if you're comparing SMB and Excitebike to the much newer ones like Wolverine and Snake's Revenge then you really can't argue about graphics. I don't think I have much more to say about this.

Sound: 8
Sound tracks were awesome, again, if they hadn't created them now, they wouldn't be used in the newer ones like SMB2, SMB3, SMW, and SM64. Sound is great if you look at it on my level many of these songs bring back memories and I still love them. At least Mario's jumping didn't drown it out.

Gameplay: 9
And here we are. Gameplay was again the best part of the game. I remember I could get to the 4 world from 1-2 then about, to the 5th world and that's as far as Mario would go before the rockets started pounding him and I threw the controller at the TV. One day I made it to the 8th world. I don't think I've ever beaten this game, I mean I don't really try that hard but still I've been playing this game since baby years. Every time you beat a castle that moron toad says "Thank you Mario! But our princess is in another castle". So again you set off- hold up this one looks like Bowser's castle. Beat it and, nope toad says the same exact thing makes me wonder does he really get captured every world he comes to or are these toads all different? Who knows. Only the twisted makers of the game that really forgot about the storyline.

Overall: 9
As many bad things I said about the game it's still a very good game believe me. It's the game that started it all. SMB is extremely easy to find. So I recommend playing it.



Reviewer: XenoxSiphon Date: Aug 19, 2002
Oh man you think. Another old, boring classic? Well if you think that, you have been hiding under a rock! Super Mario Brothers is a usual platform game, but with many levels. In some parts, it is challenging, some other places, not so much. After you finish each castle, some annoying toad says ""The princess is in another castle!"" grrr...... that gets annoying after beating 5+ castles!

Graphics: 5
Hey, its the NES, you cant expect that much from a 1MHZ CPU dated back to like 1986. But, I've seen better graphics... Super Mario was one of the first games made for the legendary NES, and I don't think anyone really expects that much from such an old game.

Sound: 3
LOL.... The sound id say is.... semi-horrendous. It's not MP3, its not WAV, but at least its something

Gameplay: 8
1 word. EASY. 1 day a long time ago, I let my 5 year old sister play. after a couple of game overs and fusses, she actally beat the 1st lvl! But to a l337 gamer, this should be a piece of cake.

Overall: 8
You can't hate classics. This game is so, so good. It's a good game to play when your bored from playing all those MMORPG's and first-person shooters. I would really reccomend this game to little gamers and people of all ages who enjoy the pleasure of gaming.

Such a great game....


Reviewer: Venom Date: Oct 7, 2001
First off, i'm gonna go ahead and say that this game is legendary. it's beyond even that. Everyone and i mean everyone should play this game, and i'd say they already have. But i'm gonna look past this game's ""history making"" factor, and compare it to the other games on the system. It's graphics are nothing special, mario 3 had perhaps the greatest on the system. It's sounds, but the gameplay is awesome. even today, in the post mario 64 world you can have fun with this game. Half the fun of this game is in finding secrets, hidden goodies, warps, there's even a top-secret hidden level that goes on forever. however, this game does feel dated. VERY. If you haven't already mastered this gem, pick up a copy and settle in for a trip through video game history. If you honed your skills on this game, though, you'll grow tired soon.


Reviewer: Radio Date: Aug 22, 2001
SMB is the first of it's kind in Video Game History.
The graphics and sound may not compete, but the gameplay
will keep you hooked for months, if not hours.
And even after beating the game, you still have a second
game to go through.


Reviewer: Jigsaw Date: Jul 1, 2001
This is the granddaddy of video game side scrollers. It set the minimum standard for future sidescrollers to come on all systems. Your goal is to save Princess Toadstool who was kidnapped by the evil Bowser, King of Koopas. You move through various worlds of challenge and are helped out along the way with power up items such as the Mushroom and the Starman.

This game is the ultimate classic. If you haven't played it yet, it's time to catch up with video game history.


Reviewer: Marbz Date: Jun 15, 2001
If you're into Mario games, you should play this. It is THE game that started it all for Mario in the big time. Although the gameplay is basic, and the game looks dated now,the sheer playabilty of this title make it worth while.

This game is why I feel in love with nintendo.

Nuff said.

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